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Lynn M. Levine, Ed.D, LPC
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Clientele of Career and Life Options

Who can benefit from the services of Career and Life Options?

Career and Life Options serves professional, business, technical, trade and student clientele including:

  • Professionals (legal, medical, academic, engineering, accounting and computer fields) seeking to explore new opportunities.
  • Clients in business administration, sales and marketing, as well as trade, technical and semi-skilled occupations, who wish to make career transitions or who need information on additional training in order to advance in their current positions.
  • High school and college students who need help in clarifying goals and investigating career paths/preparation.
  • People who would like career and personal coaching to manage on-the-job issues, set goals, resolve communication problems, or improve interpersonal functioning.
  • Individuals who are ready to re-enter the work force after divorce, injury, or the conclusion of child-rearing responsibilities.
  • Adults and adolescents with special educational needs (learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders) who may need support in their career and college/technical school planning.

Lynn M. Levine, Ed.D., LPC
National Board Certified & NJ State Licensed Professional Counselor

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