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Vocational Evaluations and Expert Witness Testimony in Employment Litigation

When an employee is terminated from a position or must leave a job due to sexual harassment, lack of accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or other workplace issues, the need arises to determine the past and future economic consequences of this event. The vocational counselor can evaluate and document factors including the existence of an earnings and benefits loss, damages, and the issue of the impact of the termination on future employability.


A complete assessment includes a review of the presenting situation, educational and employment history, analysis of work experience according to specific skills and requirements, current physical/mental status, and vocational testing, as indicated. Based on case need, Dr. Levine examines the transferability of skills of the pre-termination employment to similar or related positions, the availability and cost of retraining, and the expenses and time incurred in seeking a new job. A written report is sent to the referring attorney. Consultations and expert witness testimony are available based on case need. The format may be adapted to the individual case and ranges from a single-session vocational update interview to a multi-session complete assessment.


An assessment may be requested by plaintiff or defense clients and their attorneys. For further information and fee schedules, please contact Career and Life Options.

Lynn M. Levine, Ed.D, LPC
National Board Certified & NJ State Licensed Professional Counselor

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