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Lynn M. Levine, Ed.D, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

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Vocational Evaluation and Expert Witness Testimony in Personal Injury Cases

Dr. Lynn Levine is a board-certified, state-licensed professional counselor with over thirty-five years of experience in vocational evaluation.


Identifying the effect of injury or disability on an individualís capacity to sustain employment and earn income requires increasingly sophisticated assessment techniques in todayís changing economy. In injury cases, a comprehensive evaluation is performed to determine the highest level of occupational functioning, earning capacity, and need for retraining or education. Questions of this nature often arise as a result of injury or impairment. The condition in question may be physical or emotional in origin. An assessment may be requested by the injured party, attorney, employer, insurance company, etc. to assist in determining the need for compensation and/or to identify work compatible with that individualís training, experience, current status, and prognosis.


A complete assessment includes relevant personal data, documentation of medical treatment and medications, educational and employment history, analysis of work experience according to specific skills and requirements, current physical/mental status, and may also include vocational testing such as aptitude, occupational interest and personality indicators. Based on case need, the pre- and post-injury vocational profiles are compared in terms of medical-functional limitations, earning capacity, disability status and work-life expectancy. A discussion of career options, employability, job market information and recommendations for action are then presented in a written report sent to the referring attorney. Consultations and expert witness testimony are available as needed for both plaintiff and defense cases. The format may be adapted to the individual case and ranges from a single-session vocational update interview to a multi-session complete assessment.

Lynn M. Levine, Ed.D, LPC
National Board Certified & NJ State Licensed Professional Counselor

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